Perlite Lightweight Construction Blocks 20"

Perlite blocks are unique, natural building products. Perlite blocks do not burn, have a very low thermal conductivity, high strength and sound isolation, and most importantly, perlite heat blocks are completely environmentally friendly. Perliteheat blocks are differentiated by high insulating properties, they are lightweight and easy to install. The weight of a “box” of the house from perlite concrete is much lighter than the weight of those ones built of traditional construction materials, for example: silica brick, cinder block, ceramsite concrete, and a ceramic block. This greatly reduces the load on the foundation. Due to light perlite concrete building blocks in the construction capital investments are saved significantly.

When designing the different buildings, the primary focuses are placed on cheaper designs, combined with the use of light and high-quality materials. The use of insulation materials on the basis of expanded perlite in the construction allows to reduce the weight of constructions, reduce the need for other building materials (concrete, brick, wood, and etc.), reduce fuel consumption for heating buildings, to decrease heat losses in the industrial units. Also, perlite insulation is also a very effective way to reduce the C02 in the atmosphere and the so-called greenhouse effect.

Perlite Blocks Characteristics Perlite lightweight construction blocks

Total specific activity of radioactive Nuclides (of uranium, thorium and potassium) no more 370 Bq/kg.

The thickness and weight
- Light blocks (20") with a weight of 7-8 kg, provide all the required standards at a minimum wall thickness among all insulation materials.

Thermal conductivity
– is a very low thermal conductivity - 0.11-0.14 Bt/mC.

Environmentally friendly
- When producing the material, chemical components are not used. Perlite is inorganic, it does not rot. In environmental terms, perlite concrete blocks stand in one row with ceramic bricks, while providing the best correlation for heat /sound insulation/ weight.

Fire resistance
- The melting point of perlite is +1260°C, perlite blocks do not burn and do not spread the fire since perlite is stable refractory -with an operating temperature from –200 degrees C to +900 degrees C.

Sound insulation
– is a highly level of sound insulation of the block from 0.35-0.65 dB. That is, this material due to the dense filling of the entire cavity prevents the passage of sound waves.

The maximum breath ability
- Among all heat-insulating wall perlite concrete blocks enable a room to “breathe” during processing. Blocks are easily drilled and plastered.

Our blocks correspond with modern demands of building “Eco Friendly Houses” and “Warm Houses” for effective use of energy resources.

Perlite lightweight construction blocks Perlite lightweight construction blocks Perlite lightweight construction blocks