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Horticultural Perlite - Agroperlite

Perlite is used throughout the world as a component of soilless growing mixes where it provides aeration and optimum moisture retention for superior plant growth

We offer expanded dry perlite sand for depository of bulb. Perlite having unusual heat insulating features and not having bacteria and insects, reliably protects planting material from insects, damp, cold, from damage by rodent.

Horticultural (Agroperlite) perlite is packaged in 100L. Big-bags, the minimum quantity starting from 1m3 (includ 10 bags) for 150 GEL.


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Expended Perlite

We offer Expanded Perlite for construction block production, for construction dry mortar mixture production, hear-insulating and perlite filter aid.

Perlite Blocks

Perlite Bloks: Construction thin wall blocks with different size and partition blocks are made from perlite, with weight capacity of 500 cm/m3