Expended Perlite

Expanded Perlite for construction block, construction dry mortar mixture production, perlite filter aid and so on.

Perlite Blocks

Construction thin wall blocks with different size and partition blocks are made from perlite, with weight capacity of 500 cm/m3

Paravan deposit of perlite

The largest and the most qualitative Perlite Deposit (reserves of pure perlite of 13.5 million tons) in Georgia

Horticultural Perlite

The benefits of horticultural perlite are its neutral pH, it is sterile and weed-free, its light weight makes it ideal for use in container growing.

Perlite Filter Aid

The phisical character of expanded perlite bubbles lends itself to a variety of special purposes - including use as a filter aid


"HOUSE" is a reality show that reflects all stages of building private house. It took place on Rustavi 2 channel from September 2014

Horticultural Perlite small packets

Agroperlite in the new small packets. Packet of 175 gr. for 3.00 GEL. Available in Bricorama and Borun Agro Chemistry.

Paravanperlite Office and Factory

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