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Paravanperlite in TV show House

The Mining Company "ParavanPerlite" Ltd was founded in 2002. Our company owns the largest and the most qualitative Perlite Deposit in Georgia. The general land area according to the license is 115.5 hectares, proved reserves of pure perlite is 13.5 million tons, total perlite reserves - 23 million tons. Location - 130 km from the capital city - Tbilisi, at the height of 2300 meters above the sea level, next to the largest lake of Georgia - Paravani.

Perlite processing technology consists of crushing-drying-screening-packing up operations. The final products are delivered to the customers from our factory by both railway and auto transport. We also can deliver our products from the nearest sea ports: Port Batumi and Port Poti.

Cooperating with Perlite Institute (USA) and NE "RDIBMP" (Kiev, Ukraine), we have opportunity to use the newest innovative technologies for production of environmentally friendly materials on the basis of perlite. 95% of our fractionated perlite is exported to Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Mining company "ParavanPerlite" is the single manufacturer of Perlite Blocks and different perlite products in Georgia corresponding with the modern demands of building “Eco Friendly Houses” and “Warm Houses” for effective use of materials and energy resources.

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Events of the year

New TV show "HOUSE"

reality show House

"HOUSE" is a reality show that reflects all stages of building private house. It took place on Rustavi 2 channel from September 14, 2014.


Caucasus Build 2014

Caucasus Build 2014

21st-24th of May 2014 the 19th International Building and Interiors Exhibition "Caucasus Build 2014", took place in Tbilisi, Georgia.