Based on the license of subsoil use, mining is obtained on the most qualitative Perlite Deposit in Georgia. Perlite quarry is located – 130 km from the capital city – Tbilisi, at the height of 2300 meters above the sea level, next to the largest lake of Georgia – Paravani.

Company owns processing factory. Processing technology consists of crushing-drying-screening-expanding -packing up operations. This fully integrated line of production gives Perlite the ability to trade not only expanded material but also dried or crushed material. Raw Perlite can be divided to three major categories- Coarse, Medium and Fine.


Perlite ore from “Paravani Deposit” has unique rate of expansion up to 30 times, – final product has density from 30 kg/m3 to 170 kg/m3 (proved by laboratories tests of «Silbrico Corporation», USA in 2011, Coefficient of non-expanded grades is 0.8%-1.6%, again confirmed by laboratory tests of «Silbrico Corporation», USA in 2011 (


Mining Company “ParavanPerlite” produces 5 different grades of fractionated Perlite: 0.074-0.63mm; 0.14-0.63mm; 0.15-0.63mm; 0.63-1.25mm; 1.25-2.5mm.

Fractionated Perlite is packed in Big bags of 1.5tons and mainly transported by Railway (68 tons)  or by Autotranport (22-24 tons).