The most effective solution for energy saving is the warming of exterior walls with perlite-based insulation materials. Because different insulation materials are good at doing different things, it makes sense to choose insulation based on the job it has to do. The expanded perlite is an ideal solution for thermal insulation building mixtures production.

The average annual heat losses from the walls of the buildings is 48%, from the floor is 13%, and the rest is from the roofing and windows. That’s why it is important that the walls and floors to be insulated and for which the use of expanded perlite sand is an ideal solution.


The use of perlite-based heat-insulating building materials has the following advantages: reduces the heat loss from the walls by 60%; provides the optimal mode of temperature; protects the existing structures of the walls; decreases the dampness of the walls, resulting respectively in growth of the thermal resistance of the wall and stops its destruction process. The construction of the building is protected from the impacts of climate.


In addition to providing thermal insulation, perlite enhances fire ratings, reduces noise transmission and it is rot, vermin and termite resistant.


The expanded perlite-based insulation materials are also the best sound-absorber materials with high acoustic indicators, which makes it possible their use in creation of an acoustic comfort in the building. The floor insulation using perlite concrete solution provides the following benefits: 1. Lightweight construction; 2. Low thermal coefficient; 3. High rate of sound insulation. These very advantages create the ideal environment in the house: heat in winter and cool in summer.